About Us

Establishment of Native American Center

The Native American Center was formally established on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, October 11, 2021 through a Memorandum of Understanding between the All Faculty Association and Sonoma County Junior College District with the specific intention of providing academic support services to our Native American students.

The District created a Special Assignment for the Native American Center Coordinator identifying the following priorities:

1. Develop the Native American Center (NAC) program including vision, mission, and goals; the purpose of which is to support Native American student success through diverse Indigenous activities, academic tutoring, mentoring, and cultural development. The NAC program will also support faculty curriculum development efforts, encourage student academic success, and build collaborative relationships with Indigenous community partners.

2. Partner with faculty and staff members interested in developing or incorporating Native American curriculum.

3. Create events and workshops for students and the college community including Day Under the Oaks Native American Celebration and Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

4. Facilitate professional development workshops and events aimed at broadening faculty and staff understanding of themes pertaining to Native American communities.

5. Work collaboratively with the academic counselor for the Native American Summer Bridge (NASB) program, including recommending budgetary priorities.

6. Support the faculty members tasked with the development of the Native American Studies major.

7. Upon request, collaborate with faculty members engaged in Native American-focused research and academic study.

8. Support NAC Research interns and/or Intercultural Center coaches in Native American-focused research projects.

9. Maintain partnerships with local tribal and Native community organizations.

10. Make occasional presentations to the college community.